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  THE LV= Under 18’s CUP



1. Description

1.1 The competition shall be called “The LV=  Cup Competition”.

1.2 The competition will be organised by the Playing Committee of Hitchin RFC, who shall be known as the Organising Committee.   The decision of the Committee will be binding and final on any matter not covered by these regulations and on their interpretation. The winning Club team will be awarded the Priory Cup, which it will hold for the following year.  All matches must be played in accordance with the iRB Laws and Regulations and Rugby Football Union Rules and Regulations, with particular reference to Under 19 variations specific to each Age Grade, as printed in the current RFU handbook.  (Squad size 22; front row 6, although rolling substitutions are allowed).


2. Eligibility of Clubs

2.1 The competition shall be open to any club situated in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man being a member of the Rugby Football Union, which organises their own Club Under18 team.

2.2 Entry to the competition will be accepted when a completed entry form is returned to the organising committee by the designated date.  No club may enter more than one team in each season’s competition.


3. Eligibility of Players

3.1 Players must be under 18 years of age at midnight on the 31 August/1 September at the beginning of the current rugby season to be eligible for the Competition.

3.2 All players must be bona fide members of the club that they represent and registered by that club in accordance with the RFU Registration Scheme.  A player will be deemed to have taken part when he is nominated on a team list, whether as a player or as a replacement.

3.3 No player shall play for more than one club in the competition in any one season.

3.4 The latest date for registering players with the Organising Committee will be February 1st in the current season.


4. The Draw

4.1 The competition shall be run as a set of leagues with the winners of each group progressing in the cup competition. The runners up in each league shall progress to the plate competition.

4.2 The Organising Committee shall determine the number of leagues required based on the number of entrants.

4.3 The teams shall be drawn at random and each one placed in a subsequent league. i.e. the 1st team drawn goes into league A, 2nd team drawn goes into league B etc. Then repeat once a team has been assigned to each league.

4.4 The teams in each league shall then be drawn to determine the order of matches with the first team drawn being the home team. This shall be overridden if necessary to ensure the number of home/away fixtures is even within the league. 

4.5 Clubs playing at home have the right to play on their normal match day but throughout the competition the club drawn at home must consult with their opponents before deciding on the match day and kick-off time.

4.6 The Organising Committee will advise both teams of ‘play by’ dates which must be adhered to.  Any failure to comply may result in both teams being withdrawn from that season’s competition.

4.7 Any team, which fails to attend the appointed venue in time for a match to be played, will forfeit the tie.


5. Match Scores and Dates

Matches should be played from October through to the end of February with the semi-finals being played in March and the Final on the Sunday of the May Day bank holiday weekend.

Match scoring shall be as follows:

  • Win – 3 points
  • Draw – 1 point
  • 4 tries – 1 Bonus Point
  • Loss by 7 points or less – 1 Bonus Point


6. Clash of Colours/Identification of Players

6.1 The Home team is responsible for ensuring that there is no clash of colours.

6.2 The Home team will change shirts in the event of a clash of colour.

6.3 All teams in the Semi-Finals and Final must wear numbered shirts.


7. Postponed and abandoned matches

7.1 If conditions prevent a match being played or, if a match is abandoned at any time before half-time, it shall be replayed before the end of the ‘play by’ date given on a date to be agreed between the two clubs concerned or, failing agreement, as directed by the Organising Committee. A date must be agreed and notified to the Organising Committee within 72 hours of the original date.

7.2 If a match is abandoned at any time during the second half, the score at the time of abandonment will be declared as the result.


8. Match Management

8.1 Apart from the Final, the Home team is responsible for arranging the fixture at a suitable venue.

8.2 Matches must be played by the ‘play by’ date. Should this not be possible the Home team must contact the Organising Committee to apply for dispensation to play on an alternative later date, subject to agreement from the Organising Committee.

8.3 The Organising Committee retains the right to specify the date and Kick Off time for any match in the Competition.

8.4 The best possible venue must be used and where appropriate every attempt made to rope off the pitch.

Note: Both teams must control their spectators. The tension of a competitive Cup game is not an excuse for abuse from the touchline towards players or officials.

8.5 Matches will be 35 minutes each way. Half-time will be 5 minutes, with both teams staying on the Field of Play.

8.6 Should a fifty point differential occur at any time during a match, then the Referee will end the match and the result at that time will stand.

8.7 In all matches except the Semi-Final and the Final, if after 35 minutes of play each way the scores are level, the team that has scored most tries shall be the winner.  If a result is not obtained by this method then the team which has scored most goals from tries shall be the winner.  If a decision is still not forthcoming the away team will be declared the winner.

8.8 In the Final, if after 35 minutes of play each way the scores are level, the team that has scored most tries shall be the winner.  If a result is not obtained by this method then the team that has scored most goals from tries shall be the winner.  If a result is not obtained by this method the team that has scored most drop goals shall be the winner.  If a result is not obtained by this method the team that scored the first try (1) or the first drop goal (2) or the first penalty (3) in that order, shall be the winner.  If a result is still not forthcoming the Trophy shall be shared.

8.9 Where a match has not been played or the result of a match remains unresolved, the Organising Committee may, in its sole discretion, determine which team (if any) will progress in the competition(s). This power will only apply to situations where there is no other opportunity to play/replay a match and the successful delivery of the competition is at risk.

8.10 The Semi-Finals (both Cup and Plate) will be played at a venue to be determined by the Organising Committee.

8.11 The Finals will be played at Hitchin Rugby Football Club.

8.12 'Amos Law'.  Should a team withdraw from the competition after the initial round then their place will be offered to the team they have defeated.


9 Replacements/Substitutions

9.1 The number of replacements and substitutes in all matches shall be no more than seven.

9.2 Rolling Substitutions are permitted in all LV= Cup/Plate matches. A player who has been substituted may later replace any player, whether or not that player has been injured.

9.3 Each side shall be able to field 7 replacements during the course of the match on a rolling basis if required. Should any match have to proceed with uncontested scrums due to a lack of availability of front row replacements then the result will remain unaffected. If a team is unable to field a front row at the commencement of the match then it shall be deemed to have conceded the tie.

9.4 If on any occasion a front row player requires to be replaced and his team cannot provide a replacement or another player suitably trained and experienced from those who started the match or from the nominated replacements to enable the match to continue safely with contested scrums, the referee having made enquiry of and having confirmed this fact with the Manager of the team (or such other person nominated by the Club  as the person responsible for the team), the match will continue with uncontested scrums and the final result will stand.

9.5 In the unusual event that a Referee decides to continue the game with uncontested scrums on the grounds of safety, because he cannot safely manage the scrums otherwise, the final result will stand.

9.6 The Organising Committee may review the circumstances in every case where a match is completed with uncontested scrums.

9.7 Temporary Absence during match

Where during a match,

(i) a player is temporarily suspended from the field of play (which includes a blood injury) and that suspension results in a replacement on any occasion, and his team cannot provide a replacement or suitably trained and experienced player to enable the match safely to continue with contested scrums; and

(ii) The Referee has made enquiry of and confirmed this fact with the Manager of the team (or such other person nominated by the Club as the person responsible for the team); then the match shall continue with uncontested scrums only for the duration of the temporary suspension. The match result will be unaffected.


10. Notification of Results

10.1 Officials of both clubs are responsible for informing the organiser of the competition of the result.

10.2 Scoring is points as circulated to the competitors.


11. Referees and Touch Judges

11.1 The Home team is responsible in arranging with their local Referees Society to appoint the necessary officials for matches in all rounds up to and including the Semi-Finals.

11.2 The Organising Committee will be responsible for the administration of all appointments of match officials (a referee and two touch judges) in conjunction with other relevant Referee Societies, for the Finals, in both the Cup and the Plate Competition.

12. Team Sheets

12.1 Both sides in every round of the competition must complete and submit a Team Sheet to the Organising Committee of 15 starting players and a maximum of 7 replacements within 48 hours of the final whistle.

12.2 The Team Sheet will contain the full name of the player including his RFU ID registration number.

12.3 Each Club must ensure that information provided on a Team Sheet is accurate and legible. Failure to submit a team sheet, or late submission, will render a Club liable to sanction. The provision of false or misleading information on players or replacements shall be a serious breach of this Regulation and may give rise to expulsion from the competition.


13. Disciplinary Procedures

13.1 When any player is sent off or cited in any match in any of the Competitions, the Disciplinary Procedures for Schools and Club Youth players will apply (see RFU Disciplinary Regulation 9). For procedures/timings for citing’s see Appendix 7 of the RFU Disciplinary Regulations.

13.2 A player who has been suspended from Club Rugby or Schools’ Rugby may not play in any of the Competitions matches whilst under suspension.


14. Disputes and Breaches of Regulations

14.1 Any matters in dispute or any transgressions of these Rules shall be referred immediately to the organiser of the competition by telephone if necessary, providing written confirmation follows within 48 hours.  The Organising Committee shall have an absolute discretion to resolve any such protests or dispute as it shall think fit and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing may decline to act upon a protest validly made if it considers doing so to be in the interests of the Competition generally.  As under Rule 1.2 the decision of the Organising Committee shall be binding on all parties.




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