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M&Y Committee


Chair: Jon Lovick

Vice Chair: Mark Scott

Asst. Vice Chair: Geoff Stringer

Treasurer: Manjit Moore

Safeguarding: Michelle Murray

Fixtures Secretaries
Youth: Neil Jervis


Other committee members
Coaching co-ord: Rich Hampshire
Girls rugby Rep: Maria Stevens
Catering Rep: Sue Stanbury
M&Y Social Sec: tbc

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Mini rugby is played from Under 5 to Under 12 (school years 2 to 7). The rules change for each age group so that the complexity of the game matches the development of the players.

  • Under 7s play 4-a-side tag rugby allowing lots involvement in the game 

  • Under 8s play 6-a-side tag rugby

Older age-groups see a progressive introduction of key rugby skills, such as:

  • Under 9s play 7-a-side and are introduced to tackling

  • Under 10s play 8-a-side contact rugby and are introduced to the Scrum, the Ruck and the Maul

  • Under 11s play 9-a-side contact rugby and are introduced to Kicking

  • Under 12s play 12-a-side contact rugby and are introduced to the Contested Scrum

  • Under 13s play 13-a-side contact rugby

  • Under 14s and above play 15-a-side contact rugby.

Up until the under 11 age-group boys and girls can play in the same team.

Youth rugby is played from Under 13 to Under 18 (school year 8 upwards). It is 15-a-side and has a number of rule differences from adult rugby which are made for additional safety. Young men and women play in separate teams.


Our annual open-day is always the second Sunday in September. It’s when we invite the boys and girls in and around Hitchin to give rugby a try. Talk to your coach or team manager to find out how you can help.

We always welcome new players to strengthen every age group – so you can also bring a friend to any training session.  They will be most welcome and can enjoy a temporary membership while they decide if they like the game. 

We are developing ways to spread the word about rugby and Hitchin Mini & Youth including advertising, hosting schools competitions, visiting school events etc. In addition we will be looking to have a friendly parent in each school! So, if you’d like to become a school liaison representative please email MYSecretary@hitchinrugby.com 


Our season officially begins at the Club on the first Sunday in September from 9.30am. We encourage parents to support the rugby endeavours of their children.  Please try to participate and if your child is in any team from U6 to U12, a parent/carer must be in attendance. 

We aim that all of our lead coaches have at least Level 1 coaching qualifications. If you’d like to get involved in coaching, the club refunds coaching course fees. Talk to your age-group coach for more information. All coaches and direct helpers are submitted for CRB clearance. 

Please ensure that your children are properly prepared – always bring a drink, mouthguard and appropriate clothing.  Children that are obviously too cold will not be trained and asked to remain in the Clubhouse.

We will have injury cover for morning home games and training.


We aim to run squads at every age group from U6 to U18s – some 16 groups! 

All youth teams (U13–U18s) are entered in the Middlesex/Hertfordshire Junior Leagues.

Playing and training styles of youth teams are increasingly integrated with the senior sides to make the transition to adult rugby easier and more effective.

Girls can play in all teams up to and including U12.  We have a girls U13 squad (for 11-to-13 year olds), a girls U15 squad (for 14 and 15 year olds) and a girls U18 squad (for 16-to-18 year olds). 


The Club kit is available from the Club Shop, see http://shop.hitchinrugby.com for details. All kit can be purchased in the Club shop along with other goodies such as gumshields!


Boots. Football boots are okay, provided they have suitable studs. Combination metal/plastic studs are unsuitable as are metal blade studs. A set of screw-in metal studs are preferred and can be used for football too – no need to change them over.

Mouthguards are required equipment for all players – the cheapest ones cost a few pounds and are fitted by softening them in boiling water and then moulding them to the teeth. The better ones are fitted by a dentist who will make an impression of the teeth and mould the mouthguard to that. Cost varies with dentists.

Shin pads are advisable at all age groups as are scrum-hats especially for those playing in the scrum.

Club kit isn’t required for training, but is required for those selected to play for the age-group.


At Hitchin Rugby Club we believe that taking part in our sport should be a positive and enjoyable part of children’s lives.

We want to make sure that children are protected and kept safe from physical, sexual and emotional harm while they are with the Club’s coaches, helpers and other volunteers. Our Safeguarding Policy has been fully updated and is now used throughout the County. To download our full safeguarding policy please click here .

If you have any concerns relating to the safety or well-being of your child, these should be addressed to the club’s Safeguarding Officer at Safeguarding@HitchinRugby.com (or via the Chair if the Safeguarding Officer is unavailable).


All Hitchin RFC tours for the Mini and Youth teams are organised and managed in accordance with the RFU Tours Policy.

We like all members to have the opportunity to “tour” as it is great fun, great for children’s confidence and superb at bonding age groups (including parents) together. Rugby is as much about relationships on and off the pitch as the playing of the game itself.

We hope there will be touring opportunities in the coming season and details will be made available through your age-group’s team managers.

2021-22 M&Y HANDBOOK

More information can be found in the M&Y Handbook - a copy of which can be downloaded by clicking here

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