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Player Profile (2024 / 2025)

Matthew Trussell
6' 7 (2.01 mm)
19st 3 (122.0 KgsKg)
Player Bio

Age:                            28

place of birth              Stevenage

Playing history             3 games on the bench for the Army (I may mention I was in the Army)

                                  2017/18 Hitchin 2/3 first full season of rugby

                                  2018/19 Hitchin 1st team (silver tie winner)

Education:                  Samuel Whitbread

                                  Bedford college 

                                  Nottingham Trent uni

                                  Royal School of military engineering ( I was in the army you know)

Occupation:                web developer/ digital marketing consultant

Little known facts:     I'm not a robot, despite my robotic voice and incredible dance moves.

                                 I am a man with deep feelings who loves to hug my fellow players.

                                 my dream would be to gaze up at the stars hand in hand with Akkers

                                 but my wife says no.

                                 I know I'm TALL please don't fell the need to tell me. I'm running out of witty    

                                 responses, its exhausting. I will now respond with "you're old and you stink" 

                                 usually describes the people who point out my height.

                                 I don't like beer or food..... I also occasionally tell lies.....


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